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LB Shea Butter Sugar Scrub


Is your skin often dry and you are looking for a scrub that leaves your skin so nourished you need no oil or lotion after using? Imagine having a body butter and a scrub all in one and you get shea sugar scrub. The nourishing shea butter is the one of the top ingredients in this scrub. This product will give you an amazing scrub to exfoliate while providing a smooth shine once scrub is rinsed.

Available in 3 scents:

Ginger Sunshine - The sweet spicy smell of ginger and citrus smell will uplift your mood and wake you up.

Vanilla Rose - The subtle smell of vanilla hand blended with the soft floral of a fresh cut rose makes you feel pampered and empowered. It will give you a calming and stress relieving vibes.

Eucalyptus Woods - eucalyptus helps clear your mind and aids in relaxation to soothe and open up when breathing in.

Note: Because of the shea content get some of the scrub and rub in hands to let the shea melt or you can warm the scrub. May cause slippery surfaces.

8oz. Jar


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