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Chamomile Oatmeal Bath Soak


Dreaming of a little relaxation and a warm bath? This Chamomile Oat Bath Soak is full of excellent ingredients that are beneficial to your skin, body, and mind that it is like having a mini spa experience at home.

Oatmeal improves, repairs and soothes itching, dry, and irritated skin. Joining the moisturizing advantages of this grain with the calming and soothing attributes of chamomile flowers results with even more healing benefits for your skin.

Ingredients: Blend of Salts, Oatmeal Flour, Dried Chamomile, and Fragrance

Note: Soak can be used directly in tub, bags provided to reduce the amount of clean up needed after bath. Just let the bag steep in the tub for a few minutes before getting the full bath infused.



8oz. Jar

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