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Lavender Rose Bath Soak


Sometime you want to stop and smell the flowers. This lavender and rose bath soak has been carefully hand-blended with rose petals, lavender, and pink Himalayan sea salt. Want to take a relaxing bath with amazing aroma. This bath soak will give you a calming spa moment at the end of the day right in your own home.

Made with purifying salts, this therapeutic bath soak creates a gentle, calming bath. Lavender aids in reducing stress, anxiety. While the rose petals help to retain moisture in the skin.

Ingredients: Blend of Salts, Lavender Buds, Rose Petals, and Fragrance

Note: Soak can be used directly in tub, bags provided to reduce the amount of clean up needed after bath. Just let the bag steep in the tub for a few minutes before getting the full bath infused.



8oz Jar

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