One Way to Banish Dry Skin

Change the Way You Wash


  1. Select mild cleansers. Harsh soaps and hand sanitizers can make your skin feel drier. Deodorant soaps and cleansers with fragrance or alcohol strip away your skin's natural oils. Look for moisturizing bars and soap free cleansers instead.
  2. Use a gentle touch. Massage your skin and scalp lightly rather than using vigorous scrubbing motions. Minimize your use of bath sponges, loofahs, and brushes that could also irritate your skin. Use a towel to pat yourself dry instead of rubbing.

Limit your time in the shower. Those long, hot showers you love may be stripping away your skin's oily layer. Keep showers and baths to 10 minutes or less. Also, lukewarm water will protect those natural oils better than hotter temperatures.